Whispers In the Night

Coolness surrounds us in the night as we sit in the moonlight under the stars listening to the music of far away love. Distant sounds float on the waves of the wind that blows crisply in the air over the ocean that sprays strong waves to send the tide out to sea again.

Whispers in the night of sweet words of love flows from the lips of those that are in love. Kissing for the first time in a long while sends sensations wild running through the soul of the lonely and deprived heart.

One stares out to sea as the reflection of the sun casts a shadow over the waters so close to the touch, but still so far away. Sailboats sail to far away islands to be at peace and free, tranquility awaits them. Love waits them. sensual moments under the starlit sky listening to the breeze of the waves that overtakes them with passion.

Whispers in the night is but only a dream of one that sleeps in the day, dreaming of far away places to travel only in their dreams.

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  1. Whispers In the Night – Diva's Poetry

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