Our daughters are special to us; I am talking about daughters in general. They make us laugh when we are down, they make us smile when no one else can, and they look at you with those sweet little eyes and make you melt. I know that we have to be hard on them sometimes, but it is only because we love them. We want to protect them from everyone and everything that we feel may hurt them, and we just want them to never leave our sight. I know they may feel like we don’t know anything about what is going on in the world because we were born before them in another era, but that is where they are wrong. They also think that they know everything about everything, but they do not. I just do not know what goes on in their mind, but in all reality, we are the ones that they always asking questions about the good old days.

Fashion then and Now

Fashion has changed dramatically from when I was a kid. I had to wear dresses seven days a week, rain, shine ,sleet , or snow. I don’t even remember when I started wearing jeans. I would see other girls in short skirts that were almost not there. Some just did not care as to how they dressed. As I look at the trends that are being worn now, some of it is just deplorable, and they actually have the nerve to think that it looks good, but they are only broadcasting all of their goodies to those that do not need to be seeing it. Will there ever be a time when fashion will be tasteful without the goodies being shown? I am not saying that people can’t wear what they want, and I am not bashing anyone, it is just that it makes me laugh whenever I see things like that in public. Be who you are, and be comfortable in what you have on.

Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on Pexels.com