WHAT DO WE CALL BLISS? What do you think bliss is? Is it emotions that is felt when you are with the one you love ? Is is a shopping spree? Is it eating at your fvorite resturant? Is it having that favorite drink that you love so much? Is it making love to the one you love?

Is it taking that roadtrip with friends? What is bliss to you? Is it dancing in the rain alone just being yourself? Is it reading that favorite book, or listening to that favorite song on your phone, or the radio? Is it daydreaming about that crush you had long ago? What does bliss mean to you? Who do you find yourself in bliss with? Is it looking in the eyes of that special someone? Is it riding that special someone in your car just being alone in the quiet?

Is it looking in the eyes of your sweet love who you want to make love to? Not just in the moment, but for always and forever. Is it that special spot being touched just right? Is it the way the kiss was given? Is it the way it was laid? Just in the right place? At the right time, just the right way? What is your bliss? What is bliss to you? Is it the climax at the end of everything? Is it at the same time? Who knows except the one that is having the dream of blissness, in the bliss of sleep wet dreams happen.

Sweet dreams, sweet bliss, wake up, it is just a dream; a dream of bliss!

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