Just me, just you, just us two, two hearts as one in one holding on to the One who holds it all in His hands.

Just rivers, just waters, just oceans of love poured out for us all, will we fall, will we get up, will we just stay down, but to Him we will cast our crowns.

Just at His feet for all eternity, because He is very much deserving. So Holy. So Marvelous, So wonderful, So mighty, So Kind, will never leave us behind.

Just came to us, for us,to love us,to teach us, to not sin like us, to be faithful to us, and unto death, to make things new just for us.

Just to guide us, to walk with us,to talk with us, to us, in us to live, in our hearts, souls, and minds.

Just to carry us, to wipe our tears away, to make us smile, to carry our burdens, to set us free for all eternity, to give us beauty for ashes, to weep with us, because Jesus wept, Jesus prayed for us, and with us, fed us, feeds us, teaches us, correct us, only because He loves us, just because that is who He is.

Just is He, Just He is, He is just Jesus.

In God We Trust, Just Justice, because that is JUST who He is!

When we seek the Kingdom of God, we are going straight to the Source that has all of the answers to our problems we will ever have to face. Praise God!

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