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Meditation, Freeing the Mind, Body, and Soul.


Focus On the Closing of the Day.

At the end of the day, I like to think about what made me happy. I like to think about all of the accomplishments that I made. I like to think about what I want to do the next day in my life. Most of all I cannot wait to wake up to see my family.

Do what makes you feel good about yourself. Find that special something that makes your mind soar to a place of happiness. One day at a time is all we are given, so let us make the best of it…live it to the fullest, and spread love along the way.

Tonight, I Will Rest Peacefully

Tonight, I will rest peacefully. I will have sweet dreams, and tomorrow will be a brighter day. I will awake happy. I will do things that I enjoy. I will think about the next thing I will write about for my podcast. I will not let anything disappoint me. Blessings are headed my way! Good night.

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Tonight, or today I am taking a nap.

For certain, I am going to try to get some much-needed rest tonight. I took a nap today for a pretty good long time, I actually woke up feeling refreshed.

I decided to catch up on my writing. I did my first reel on TikTok and shared it on every platform I use to try to grow my following.

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Write About What You Are Feeling.

Today I am feeling upset, angry, and mad. I cannot focus because my feelings are everywhere, my anxieties are through the roof, and my emotions are depressing. I have started meditation. I downloaded a few apps to see which ones I like and are right for me. I try to find myself a quiet place where there are not any distractions so I can focus my mind clearly. It helps me to calm down, to feel more relaxed, and not so edgy, and I can sleep better. I feel refreshed when I have awakened from a nap or the next day. Meditation is good for me. I plan to do this all of the time.

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How I Am Feeling Today

Today is one of those days where I am feeling emotional…and that is ok. Today has been a hard day for me. My emotions were all over the place and I just couldn’t swallow my feelings anymore; I had to let them out. I was starting to have stress headaches. Now that the rain has come and gone, I will sleep better. I will look forward to a new day.

How I am Feeling Today

Today I am feeling edgy. I am feeling anxious, and emotional. I really do not understand why I am feeling like this. I have so much on my mind that my stomach will not settle. I have not been sleeping very well lately. Whatever is going on has to stop. I am very tired of this misery. Maybe it is because I have a big blessing coming my way. I guess it is not knowing what it is. I choose to be happy even though I feel like I do.

♥️😇 How I Am Feeling Today 10/27/22 Thursday

Today I am feeling almost alright, but there is a problem brewing. I hope I can solve this problem soon. Anxiety is bothering me, and my stress level is overwhelming. I hope today will get better because I just want to be happy! �� I am going to do my best to be happy. I just need God to help me, because right now my mind is all over the place. �� It is as if I cannot turn my mind off and relax. I have so much to say, and still do much to do; it is not enough hours in the day it seems. I will make the best of it though. I just want everything to be alright. ��🌹🌹🌹

How I Feel Today: 1/11/23 Wednesday Night

Today, I am feeling alright. I am happy in my own way. I don’t feel as stressed as I usually do. I cooked today, and it was good. I am thinking about yesterday when the Holy Spirit touched me twice. All I could do was give God praise and worship. All I could do was sing to Him. All I wanted to do was spend time with Him; that is exactly what I did until I got ready to go to bed. My heart is still overjoyed being in the presence of the Lord.


Write About Your Pictures.

When I post my pictures, I write about them because I want to remember that moment in time. I want to remember the memories so I can share them with my children, so we can have something to laugh about. I enjoy writing about my pictures because as the years go by, I can go back and look at them to see just how much I have changed. I enjoy taking pictures and telling the stories behind them.

Remembering this day.

When I look at this picture, I can see the coldness and the stillness in it. I see how everything is just in a moment in time that can never be changed. We can be changed when we take the time to look deeply inside ourselves and search our souls. There is always something that we can change about ourselves. It could be our attitude, the way we think, the way we dress, and how we wear our hair dressed, but most of all we can change our hearts. Find that one thing that can be changed and do it. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement.

I was very happy on this day. The sun was shining bright, the birds were singing, and life was good. If I could go back and relive that day I would, but I can’t it was just a moment in time in my life. Still blessed though.

Sunday, 12:18 PM 2023 January

I was feeling very good on this day, so, I decided to go outside and take some pictures. The sun was shining beautifully, the air was cool, the birds were playing and singing, and the squirrels were running and playing from tree to tree, one was even walking around in my yard playing and gathering nuts. I had so much just being outside and enjoying nature. I plan to do it again soon if the weather permits.

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My Children Call Me Queen.
My 48th Birthday is 10/12/22 Wednesday.
My First Book! 🌹🌹🌹
I love to sparkle⭐️⭐️💫💫🌟🌟
My Way Maker! Jesus Christ, AMEN!!!🪷🪷🪷🪷
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All About ME!

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

There are days when I just want to read and meditate all day long. Whenever I have those days, I find myself singing my favorite songs, or I just may play a little relaxing music. Sometimes whenever I read, I will laugh out loud and no one knows what I am laughing at, or about; I always say, “You had to be there in the moment.

I cannot wait until Spring so I can enjoy seeing things bloom again. I cannot wait to see the green grass, smell the flowers, and watch the bees go from flower to flower gathering nectar. I cannot wait to smell the sweet smell that Spring brings with her when she comes.

There’s nothing like meditating in the fresh Spring air. Stay Calm and Think Happy Thoughts.

My time of the season.

Now that it is Fall, the weather is cooler and not so hot. It is time for the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. It is the season to pull out hats and scarves to enjoy the cooler days while outside. It is time to take long walks in the evenings, spend time alone just to meditate, it is time to pull out that favorite book you love reading, and it is time to make that special Fall drink that you make just for the season. It is time to make memories with that special someone that you love. Whatever you choose to do this Fall season, enjoy yourselves, but mostly have fun. Until next time, stay safe.

About Us

Food for the Soul is now a podcast that I recently started this year. It is Spiritual, but I talk about a lot of different things so those who listen to my show will have a variety of things to choose to listen to.

Soon there will be topics about meditation on Scripture, and meditation to let go of things we are holding onto that is keeping us distracted and unfocused on the important things that are beneficial for our well-being.

Should everything go the way I want it to this coming year2022, Season 2 will be a big Hit! I am looking forward to receiving the blessings that are coming my way.


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