Looking Back

As I was looking back at all of my posts, I did not realize that I had written so many articles. There are articles that I add to some of those that I have written, so if you want to see the other articles that I have written that does not show on my posts, you will have to read them all of the way through because I always go back and add to the posts that I have already written. There is more to see, and there is more to come, so stay tuned, there is no telling what will be coming through these fingers of mine when inspiration strikes as it has tonight. Stay being ceative, I know I am. I am thankful that I have been blessed with such a gift that keeps on giving.

Picture taken by: Mrs.Shaunelius L. Sterns in my backyard.


Music, rhythm, and rhyme with melodies that makes you want to move to the beat is a treat to your feet, it makes you feel good inside, and you are having fun,and burning calories while dancing all around. What better way to exercise and have fun doing it.

Everyone understands music, it is a universal language. It is something that tells stories of what the writer is feeling at that point in time in their lives. I believe that life would be boring without music to listen to. I cannot see my life without it. Music is used to express feelings that someone wants to say to someone but just does not know how to say it because their words just will not come out right. Music has always been used to express love, romance and tinderness. Listen to some of the old skool jamz that was out before we were born and you will see what I am talking about. Music was clean back then and easy to listen to without all of the profanity. That is why I would rather listen to old skool jamz just when I feel like listening to some really good music. Try it, you just may like it.


Here you can look up all kinds of music that you love to listen to.

This is such a beautiful Scripture. God does not hide nothing from us, He tells us that He is going to do something new.

How I Am Feeling Tonight

I felt like I wanted to share some of my poetry on this sight because I wanted to share my heart. Not only am I a Christian, but I am a poet as well. I have been writing poetry for many years. So I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Poetry is one of my passions in writing. My poetry can be found on my site, Diva’s Poetry, type in divasinspirational.poetry.blog. There you can find more of my poetry.

Poetry is one of the first types of writing that I fell in love with when I studied it in middle school, but I had read poetry for many years, but I came to love poetry, so I started learning to put my words together in different ways to make beautiful words fit together to make things rhyme, but not all of the time. Poetry does not have to rhyme all of the time, just as long as the reader is able to understand what is being said.

Poetry makes your mind soar to places that it has never been before. I love reading poetry as just as much as I love writing it. I suppose I will always read and write poetry as long as I have the strength in my hands to do it.

I will never stop writing poetry. I will always keep being creative in my writing and in my art. That is on the way also. I am working on some new peices. When they are finished, I will post pictures of it on this sight so everyone can see them. Well I guess that is all I have to say for now, until tomorrow, or until I am inspired again, have a blessed day.

This is what it looked like in my neighborhood when it snowed. It is so beautiful. Thank God for the snow.

When I Found You

When I found you, I never thought I could ever find real love.

When I found you, I never thought that it could be true.

When I found you, I was in the darkest place in my life that I never thought I could get out of.

When I found you, I never thought that love was really real, but it was only then when I realized that I had the greatest love of all.

I realized that I had a love that would never leave me, but accept me just the way that I am; flaws and all.

What sweet love I found in you, so real, so deep, so unforgiving, but strong, not afraid to share your love, not afraid to show me love, not afraid of those that would hate on our love, unapologetic of our love.

Our love has been tested and tried more times than one, but we share our love together as one in love with each other forever and for always.

When I found you, I did not have to look anymore, or search for love anymore because I found you.

I found my soulmate who I will spend the rest of my life with. My soulmate that I will forever love, and give all of my love to. I am talking about my sweet love of twenty-six years, a lifetime of love that will never end.


WHAT DO WE CALL BLISS? What do you think bliss is? Is it emotions that is felt when you are with the one you love ? Is is a shopping spree? Is it eating at your fvorite resturant? Is it having that favorite drink that you love so much? Is it making love to the one you love?

Is it taking that roadtrip with friends? What is bliss to you? Is it dancing in the rain alone just being yourself? Is it reading that favorite book, or listening to that favorite song on your phone, or the radio? Is it daydreaming about that crush you had long ago? What does bliss mean to you? Who do you find yourself in bliss with? Is it looking in the eyes of that special someone? Is it riding that special someone in your car just being alone in the quiet?

Is it looking in the eyes of your sweet love who you want to make love to? Not just in the moment, but for always and forever. Is it that special spot being touched just right? Is it the way the kiss was given? Is it the way it was laid? Just in the right place? At the right time, just the right way? What is your bliss? What is bliss to you? Is it the climax at the end of everything? Is it at the same time? Who knows except the one that is having the dream of blissness, in the bliss of sleep wet dreams happen.

Sweet dreams, sweet bliss, wake up, it is just a dream; a dream of bliss!

Whispers In the Night

Coolness surrounds us in the night as we sit in the moonlight under the stars listening to the music of far away love. Distant sounds float on the waves of the wind that blows crisply in the air over the ocean that sprays strong waves to send the tide out to sea again.

Whispers in the night of sweet words of love flows from the lips of those that are in love. Kissing for the first time in a long while sends sensations wild running through the soul of the lonely and deprived heart.

One stares out to sea as the reflection of the sun casts a shadow over the waters so close to the touch, but still so far away. Sailboats sail to far away islands to be at peace and free, tranquility awaits them. Love waits them. sensual moments under the starlit sky listening to the breeze of the waves that overtakes them with passion.

Whispers in the night is but only a dream of one that sleeps in the day, dreaming of far away places to travel only in their dreams.


Just me, just you, just us two, two hearts as one in one holding on to the One who holds it all in His hands.

Just rivers, just waters, just oceans of love poured out for us all, will we fall, will we get up, will we just stay down, but to Him we will cast our crowns.

Just at His feet for all eternity, because He is very much deserving. So Holy. So Marvelous, So wonderful, So mighty, So Kind, will never leave us behind.

Just came to us, for us,to love us,to teach us, to not sin like us, to be faithful to us, and unto death, to make things new just for us.

Just to guide us, to walk with us,to talk with us, to us, in us to live, in our hearts, souls, and minds.

Just to carry us, to wipe our tears away, to make us smile, to carry our burdens, to set us free for all eternity, to give us beauty for ashes, to weep with us, because Jesus wept, Jesus prayed for us, and with us, fed us, feeds us, teaches us, correct us, only because He loves us, just because that is who He is.

Just is He, Just He is, He is just Jesus.

In God We Trust, Just Justice, because that is JUST who He is!

When we seek the Kingdom of God, we are going straight to the Source that has all of the answers to our problems we will ever have to face. Praise God!

Do We Ever Take The Time To Read The Fine Print?

“Be careful as to what you sign, because you could be signing your life away.”

Mrs. Shaunelius L. Sterns

When we are given an application to fill out for work, or when we are signing important papers, do we take the time to read the fine print? Do we take our time to see what is actually being said, and do we ask questions about it when we do not understand what we are reading? For instance, when we are at the bank talking about getting a credit card, or whatever the case may be, they give us pamphlets to read, but there is always fine print at the end of it that we cannot understand. They use terms of words that they can only understand,and when we try to make since of it, we cannot. There is always a catch to something when it comes to credit cards and loans in the like. They tell you what you want to hear, but what they don’t tell you is how much debt you are going to be in paying it back plus the interest. It is always in the fine print. They will ask something like, well did you read the fine print, knowing that we did not read it, and that is where the trouble comes in.

They all sell us on the fact that we need the money, or whatever the case may be, but as soon as a payment is missed, here comes the letters, here comes the collection agencies calling every day. People, we need to read the fine print on everything that we are signing, because we could be signing our lives away and don’t even know it until it is to late.

I know someone that has everything, even cattle on a thousand hills. His name is Jesus Christ. He will never tell us wrong, or lead us astry. All of His promises are yes and amen. He will never write something with fine print that we will not understand. When we want to know something that we do not understand, we can go to Him. When there are times we are struggling, He will make a way for us to come through whatever it is we are struggling with. He is a way maker. When we read God’s Word, we do not have to worry about fine print; it is written plainly for us to see and understand what we are reading. There is nothing false about it. We do not have to worry about being lied to, because God is not a man that He should lie. He will always tell the truth.

Unlike the enemy, He will tell a lie in a minute and make it sound like the truth; that is what happened in the Garden of Eden. He is the reason that there is sin in the world right now! I see used car salesmen as the Devil because they will sell you a car knowing that there is something wrong with it, but will tell you that there is nothing wrong with it just to make a sale, then you take him at his word and buy it, and as soon as it is driven off the lot, about half way down the road you hear something knocking that shouldn’t be. That is money wasted. He is sitting back laughing at you with your money in his pockets. What can you do except take it back, but when you do, he comes with the dreaded words”All Sales are Final.” “You bought it “AS IS”. Then what can you do? Try to take him to small claims court, or try to trade it in some place else that takes used cars?

This is why we need to read the fine print when we are signing anything, because we could be signing our lives away and don’t even know it. We could be signing our souls over to the devil. That is why it is important to put on the full armor of God so we can stand up against the wiles of the devil. He is always looking for someone to destroy, to steal from, and to kill, because that is just who he is; it is what he does, but we are covered in the armor of Jesus Christ, and that is His Healing Blood that He shed for us on Calvary. He took us back from a life of sin, washed us clean so we can live with Him forever more.

Stay prayed up, stay in God’s Holy Word, and Stay Focused On Jesus Christ Our Savior. Amen! No Fine Print , Just Pure Truth!

The Bible is God’s Love written out in plain words for us to see just how much He loves us. Stay Blessed.

The Prodigal, Every Family Has One

There is a story in the Bible about the prodigal son, and how he went and squandered all of his money away, living wrecklessly. When he was out of money no one was there for him, no one gave him anything. He found a job slopping pigs, and he was so hungary that he almost ate the slop that the pigs were eating. When he came to himself he went home. His father did not turn him away because of what he had done, but he welcomed him with open arms back home. His brother was angry because of what his father did for his brother. He celebrated his son’s return home. He was lost, but then he was found, he was blind, but then he could see. He saw what he had left behind all of the while he was gone. He missed the comforts of home. He missed having good food to eat. He missed his father most of all.

We all have children at some point that wants to leave home to live their own lives, but not knowing how to make it in the world. They leave with what they have, sometimes they do not have any money for survival, they just live by their wits and what they may have learned just from watching a television show about survival. They do not know where their next meal is going to come from from one day to the next. They do what they have to do to survive. It may not always be good, but whatever the case may be, they do what they have to do.

After it is all said and done, they see that they have made a mistake leaving home before time. They build their nerves up to come back and ask if they can stay home again. It is a blessing when the answer is yes, and it is not good when the answer is No. They are right back where they started, and they remain lost and alone. When the answer is Yes, it is a good thing because they have the opportunity to start over fresh and get their lives back on track. They began to do better. Yes, it is hard starting over for some more than others, but they have someone that is there to help them, as to where some do not have a chance to start over, because there is no one that will take them in to help them get their lives back on track.

Just like the prodigal son, he had a chance to start over and make amends with his father and brother eventhough he did wrong. His father forgave him, and our Father in heaven forgives us when we make mistakes in our lives that He knows He is going to have to help us to get past. Don’t look at the story of the prodigal son lightly, because some children do not have parents that will take them back in after they have left home, but it is a blessing to those that does have parents who will take them back in after they have left and returned again. God will always take us back in. He always has His arms open wide for us to run into. He will never turn His back on us no matter how many times we run away, the thing is this: RUN TO GOD, NOT AWAY FROM HIM. HE IS WAITING FOR THE LOST TO RUN INTO HIS LOVING ARMS. HE WILL GIVE US REST FOR OUR SOULS.

Listen to this song by: Cory Asbury- Sparrows. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I chose these beautiful pictures because I see the quietness in them that makes me want to meditate.

Helping Someone Who Bit the Hand That Fed Them

It is strange how people need someone when they have no one else that they can turn to to help them. God will put people in your path that will need help. It is strange to me when that happens to someone you know. We are suppose to help people when they need help if we can help them, but when that person that is being helped turns around and disrespects you, now that is wrong in every since of the word. When you take someone in and feed them, let them use what is yours, sleep in your bed, and give them clothes to keep them warm, something to keep the cold chill of the air off of them, and treat them like they are your child, try to teach the right from wrong, and teach them about Jesus, and they turn right around and steal from you, and disrespect your house, that is wrong! How can someone bite the hand that fed them, and tried to help them? How can that person sleep at night knowing that what they have did is wrong? How can their conscience not bother them? How can they go from day to day looking at what they stole from the one who helped them?

How can a person be so cruel? What happened to the respect that people had for one another? What happened to the children who always respected their elders? What happened to the love that children showed to adults who tried to help them and treated them with kindness? Children have no respect anymore for anyone. They all have attitudes that is just sickening. To see this generation be the way that they are is just deploriable.

There are so many children that are homeless and lost because they have no one who will care for them, they have no guidance in their lives. They are lost and alone in the world trying to figure it all out on their own, but failing all at the same time. I hate to see young children out in the streets throwing their lives away living wreckless, making bad decisions and thinking that the streets will take care of them. There is nothing in the streets except death, and diseases, and jail for those that just do not care to leave that lifestyle and get help for themselves. This world is cruel and it will eat a person alive if they let it.

When will they realize that there is more to life than making trouble and fighting? When will they realize that there is someone who loved them enough to have them and bring them in this world? When will it sink in that this world is not their forever home? We are only here for the alloted time that God has given us since we were born, and when that time is up we will no longer be here, God will take us away.

You never bite the hand that has fed you because you never know when you might just need that person again. Will they help you, or will they turn you away? Will they ask you if you remember what you did to them the first few times they helped you? What then? Will they turn you away, or will they let you in? This is why it is so important to never burn your bridges because you never know when you just may have to cross over them again.

Always remember to respect people because you just never know who just may have to help you. You do not know who it will be to give you your last plate of food, or your last drink of water before you leave this earth. We all need help at some point in life, so be kind, be respectful, and most of all DO NOT BITE THE HAND OF THE ONE THAT IS HELPING YOU!

Listen to this song by: Danny Gokey-Love God and Love People. This is a very beautiful song. I hope you enjoy it.
Photo by Shamia Casiano on Pexels.com

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