Food for the Soul

This is my first spiritual blog. I am very excited about it. It has taken me a very long time to make the decision to do this. I wanted to have a platform to discuss issues about the Word with those that share the same beliefs that I have concerning the souls of the lost.


I want people to share their thoughts , truths, opinions, and beliefs according to Christ Jesus and his resurrection.

I have now been writing for sometime now, and it is great.💯 God has truly blessed me to become the writer I have always wanted to be😇.

A Year Of Writing

It has now been a year that I have been writing, and I am enjoying it very much. I pray that I am able to write for many more years to entertain and uplift those that follow me, and those that are new to my site. This year has been some kind of year. I hope and pray that the new coming year will be better. With God being always on the Throne, I know we will make it through whatever we have to face. Amen🙏💯©2019


This year has been very devastating, scary, and unusual. This year has changed the way we live, how we think, the way we do things in this world. Never would anyone would have ever thought that things would be the way they are now. It is still so uncomfortable wearing something that we never have had to wear before.

It doesn’t make sense of the way we have to enter the stores now, such as Walmart. There never had to be a limit on things that we need to buy there was always food in the refrigerated sections of the stores, but now there is barely enough of anything, some things are even bought out.

It is not fair that we have to go through all of the things that we are going through just to survive on a daily basis, and from month to month. Now, this is the new normal that we have to endure for I do not know how long. Maybe next year will be better since this year is almost gone.

One day we will look back on this and laugh as we tell our grandchildren about this that we were going through. I hope and pray that this will soon come to an end, but no one knows that but God.

We just have to wait and trust in Him. We have to know that our faith will get us through this. We have to stay strong in this and fight the good fight of faith as we run this race that has been set before us. Yes, it gets hard sometimes, but when it does, we have to turn to God and pray. We are human beings and yes we get weak at times when everything feels like it is sitting on our shoulders, but when it feels like that we can think about how Jesus carried His cross on His back and took the punishment that we deserved; that was hard but He did it for us because He loves us and did not want us to be separated from God anymore. God still loves us. His Spirit lives in our hearts. Nothing can ever stop Him from loving us because that is just who He is.

Even now that things are the way they are, His love remains alive and strong. He has it all in His hands. Before the year is gone, if there is anyone that has not asked Jesus to come into their heart to be their Lord and Savior, I am asking you to do so because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. He is waiting to hear from you. Have a great rest of the year. Stay safe and God bless everyone. Amen.😇 ©2020

New Year. New Virus : July 2021

Just as the new year came in, we were just getting ready for everything to take place at the White House for the new president and Vice President. Everything went wrong before things could take place on January the sixth. We were still wondering about COVID-19 and the new vaccines that were coming out. After everything was said and done and they entered the White House, America was still trying to get over the horrid event that had taken place beforehand.

Here we are now in the month of July 2021 and we are still facing COVID-19, and now the Delta Variant Virus. Who would have thought we would be facing another killer virus that is worse than COVID-19, especially if people catch it who has not been vaccinated. What are we to do now? Just as we are trying to get back to normal; here comes something else to try to take our freedom away. How much longer are we going to have to go through this pandemic! What is going to become of the human race if these viruses are not contained? What is it going to be like five or ten years from now! How are we supposed to live our lives and be happy and find some kind of normal way to live! How are we to enjoy our lives? What about the children who are not old enough to be vaccinated? How are they going to stay safe? Wearing masks still does not prevent anyone from catching anything. Wearing two masks and face shields is just to much. With this Delta Variant Virus, you have to wear your mask even inside the house. What is going to happen next? Every night whenever I watch the news, it is something different. There is never any good news on television being said about it; just bad. How do we know if it is going to be this way in the coming year? Let us hope and pray that this coming year things will start to get better. Let us pray that the numbers will go down, and most of all let us pray for a cure for both of these viruses. Stay safe, stay blessed.©2021


Well, we have endured another year of COVID-19, and the others that came along with it. Vaccines were given and people still caught it, and some still passed away from it. The side effects made people sick, and in the process caused some to lose their employment. What can we do? Now there is this new booster shot coming out that suppose to make things better concerning those who has taken the vaccines. Who knows if it has side effects just like the vaccines? Who knows if it is really going to work? I just do not know if I will take it or not simply because of what I went through when I took the vaccine.

Well, we will just have to wait until January 2022 comes to see how this booster shot is going to turn out, and to see if it is really going to have side effects. Until then we must keep on doing what we have been doing all along. Hopefully this will soon come to an end, but if not we will have to keep praying until God takes it away, or until a cure is found. Stay safe. God bless. ©2021

We must continue to pray to God for a cure.

Food for the Soul

Pretty and glowing!

I think I have a beautiful site. It is three years old and still growing. We have come a very long way since 2019. I have turned it into a podcast since then. I am very proud of it even though I do not record as much, but that is going to soon change. I had to take some time off to grieve the loss of my grandmother. I am on to something new. I don’t know what awaits me ahead, but I know it will be great! and awesome. Life is good.

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