Prayer Gallery Created by Shaunelius L. Sterns

I created this gallery to share my prayers and my thoughts. I may even have a few quotes of inspiration. I know I have several pages, but whenever I get an idea to add something new, I always try to do it. I just enjoy sharing God’s Word however I can. Stay blessed.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for every blessing large and small. Thank You for watching over us and protecting us from danger that we do not see with our eyes. Thank You for always providing for us just as You provided for Your children who walked in the wilderness for forty years. They complained every day, I can say that we sometimes complain about a lot of things, but we are grateful to You for all of the things You do for us. Thank You for being an AWESOME FATHER! What would we do without You? We would be lost souls wondering aimlessly on this earth alone. Thank You for sending Your Only Son, Jesus into this world to die for our sins, you did not have to do it but You did because You love us just that much. You could have let us die in our sins, but You didn’t. We who know YOU, AND ARE CALLED BY YOUR NAME! are grateful to You always and forever. What would we do if You were not who You are? I just want You to know that I will always remember what You did for us. I will one day get to tell my grandchildren about what You did for us. I hope to have some grandchildren soon from my children. I give You all praise, glory, and honor with thanksgiving, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Click on the link above to see the video on You Tube Music. I hope you enjoy it. God bless.

Prayer Journey

Where am I in my prayer journey? Where are you in your prayer journey?

How does prayer help me?

How does prayer help you?

Where will I be this time next year in my prayer journey?

Where will you be this time next year in

your prayer journeys?

These are questions that we ask.

These are questions we really don’t

have the answers to. These are a

few questions we can think about.

Lord Jesus,

Help us to know where we are in our prayer life, and on our prayer journey. Help us to know we can always come to You and talk to You about anything that is on our heart. Coming to You is our ultimate prayer journey. Thank You Jesus for always being here for us.

Click on the link above to hear New Direction-I’m In Love with Jesus. I hope you enjoy it and be blessed by it.
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