What’s Up?

What’s Going On?

I Am All of these things, and so are you🍷

This is where I talk about what is going on that interests me. This is where I inspire and encourage myself. This is where I ask myself, “What’s Up?”

My new “What’s Up?” is exercising and working out. Taking care of myself and my body is very important to me. I am not getting any younger, so, I must do what I need to do for myself to make sure I can be the best me ever. So, until next time, “What’s Up?”

Libras love peace, beauty, and romance🍷

“What’s Up?”, I just opened my eyes from taking a much needed nap. I feel great ! I feel energized! It has been a very long time since I have said that. 😂 Sometimes I crack myself up! Maybe I should have been a comedian! So, now I am going to have a healthy snack; grapes sounds good.

Fruit, the portable, healthy snack. Have some!

Back to “What’s Up?”. There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap. It is your body telling you that it is sleepy and tired. When I get to where I cannot hold my eyes open, no matter how hard I try; I know right then it is time for a nap. I guess I was like this when I was a kid, but it is a good thing.

Taking naps is good for you.

“What’s up?” At the end of my day when I am ready to turn in, I get real fidgety, cranky, and irritable. I cannot really focus on anything I am trying to do. It is like this; My body talks to me. I know right then it is time to turn in. When I am relaxed and comfortable is when I fall asleep. I cannot fall asleep until then.

Hello moon! Goodnight moon.

“What’s Up?”, Well,  it has been a great day! I am calling it a day. Until tomorrow, “What’s Up?”

Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day.

“What’s Up?”, Well it has been two days since I have written anything here so, I have been writing on my sites trying to stay caught up on things. I have not worked out because this asthma has been bothering me, and pain in my back has been bothering me also.

“What’s Up?”, Just finished writing some poetry, and sitting here watching my favorite movies. I have so much on my mind. I need to redo my hair. I suppose I will next week, but for certain it will be redone before December. I hope the new year will be better for me. Well, I am calling it a night, until tomorrow, “What’s Up?”

Bursting with joy!

What’s Up?”, Today has been a study day for me. Trying to get caught up on my Bible studies, and replying to messages. It was very pretty outside, it was very warm for a Fall day. The sky was blue and pretty. Hopefully tomorrow will be pretty too. Until then, “What’s Up?”

How beautiful?

“What’s Up?”,Today has been awesome! The sun was shining after the wind and rain. I just pretty much chilled. Heard some disturbing news on the radio though which broke my heart. I did my prayer meditation, and wished my son a happy birthday!🎉🎉🎉 I spoke with a recruiter about a job I applied for…it went well. Very excited though! Posted on my Sweet Treats site, did a picture story on Food for the Soul; I did not feel like writing an article, but I will tomorrow. I need to write some poetry for my site, and write a story for my Art site.

“What’s Up?”, I need to call my son and check on him. I believe I will watch a movie on my phone, because this DVD, Get Over It is very dull…about to make me sleepy. This lemon cream cake was good! Well, I am calling it a 🌃. Until tomorrow, “What’s Up?”

Peace and Beauty

What’s Up?”, Today is sunny and bright with a little chill in the air, just enough to let us know that Summer is no more. Music plays in the distance as the melodic sounds dance in the breeze. Me, I am feeling a bit emotional and somber; I don’t know why though. Should I go outside? Should I stay in? Should I take a walk just to enjoy the breeze? Something nice to sip on sounds refreshing. Poetry and stories to finish writing of the seasons and dream sequences. Artistic thoughts to write about, religion in the forefront everyday.

Beautifully Majestic Masterpiece.

“What’s UP?”, I would like to someday go and see the mountains. It would be a great experience for me because I love mountains. They are so grand and majestic. They have been around for many generations. This picture takes my breath away… It is so beautiful. I wish I could take a picture in front of it. The trees are also beautiful with the Fall colors glowing through. I would love to walk along that little trail and explore what is there. I would love to have a picnic at the foot of the mountain to make memories to share, but it us just a dream. Until next time, “What’s Up?”

This is a yellow willow plant. The pic. above is of myself, Shaunelius S. The Author of “What’s Up?”

“What’s Up?”, I took this picture at the lake. I had so much fun. I looked up the picture on Google to see what kind of plant it was. Now that I know what it is, I am glad I took the picture. The weather was awesome. It was cool, but not so cool where a jacket was needed, but a light sweater was good enough to keep the chill off.

“What’s Up?”, Today was a study day for me. I caught up on some of my Bible studies, replied to posts, and enjoyed the pretty sunshine. It was very cold this morning, had to turn on the heat to warm the house. Watching movies is starting to get mundane. I just might watch television on my phone.

“What’s Up?”, I was going to take my braids out today, but since it is Sunday I will do it tomorrow morning.  I don’t have any idea as to how I am going to style it after it is all said and done, but I do know it will be up for at least a week depending on how I fix it. Well, I am going to end this here and call it a night. Until tomorrow, “What’s Up?”

Absolutely Beautiful. Kissed with snow.

“What’s Up?”

Grapes, the fun fruit we all love.

This gif makes me laugh. “What’s Up everyone?” Today has been splendid! I am filled with joy! What ‘s going on in your part of the world? I hope all is well. “What’s Up?”, Well, I finally removed my extension braids, and OMG! My hair has grown so much and gotten so thick. I should have taken some pictures but I was tired. I was glad it was all said and done. It will be a long while before I put in some more braids. “What’s Up?” Speaking of grapes, the portable versatile fruit. I never tire of eating them. I really like the green ones. They are sweet and tart at the same time. Whether room temperature or cold, they are good. “What’s Up?” Well, I am going to call it a 🌃, Until tomorrow 🌅 sleep tight and sweet dreams. “What’s Up?”


Today has been somewhat of a day. It was so busy. Trying to learn something new can be hard, but for me it isn’t. I had a few setbacks, but it soon passed. Coffee and Chocolate Zingers couldn’t keep me from yawning. I made my way through the day was easy. Time went by fast though, but all in all it was fun. I just don’t like the heavy traffic when I get off, people be driving crazy. I take the safest way home that is right for me.

Work comes in all forms.

“What’s Up?”, I know it has been a while since I have stopped by here to write, and I am sorry. I have been very busy working on my other sites, memorizing stuff for work, taking and passing tests. Last week I missed writing over here, but it was not intentional. Overall, I am happy, but this nagging pain in my back just will not leave me alone. I am really tired of it. Pain makes me edgy and cranky. Well, Wednesday I will have more time to relax and rest my back. Until tomorrow evening, “What’s Up?

Candles makes relaxing even better.
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