Spiritual Quotes: Morning Inspirations

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Relaxation is great!

Spiritual quotes are to lift you up and brighten your day in the Lord. Stay blessed, and stay safe. Have a beautiful day! 🦋

Psalm 90:14
Isaiah 25:1
Good morning!

God created these beautiful masterpieces. 4/8/2022 Friday
5/1/2022 Saturday
Photo by Eva Bronzini on Pexels.com
Have a good morning in Jesus Christ, our Savior!🙏🏾


Evening inspirations are inspirations that will help you relax after a long day of activities. They are to help you end your day on a good note to refresh your spirit for a new day.

Use time wisely. Enjoy every minute given.
While we are being patient, we are becoming stronger in the process.
Good friends are hard to find, but we all have a friend in Jesus.
We all deserve happiness.
That’s something to think about.
Blissful dreams. 4/8/22 Friday
5/1/2022 Saturday
Photo by Michau0142 Ludwiczak on Pexels.com

Looking at this beautiful city makes me want to go there and see what it is like in real life. The city lights are so gorgeous, and the water reflects the lights like lights in a glass. There is nothing wrong with going out on the town to enjoy the beauty of it. I just wonder where this bridge leads. I wonder who is in the buildings in this city. I can imagine having fun driving around seeing the sights that would surround me. What a splendid night it would be to go party in this beautiful city. Enjoy the evening by yourself, or enjoy the evening with friends, or with someone you love. Just have fun and make memories to share. 9/25/22 Sunday @ 1:22 AM

Have a blessed evening in Jesus Christ, our King.

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