What Was 2020 To Me?

Last year, which was yesterday is gone forever, and I for one am glad! 2020 was not a very good year for anyone. It changed the way we do things forever, and will we ever get back to normal…whatever that is. 2020 caused a lot of turmoil when the virus, COVID-19 lurked on in destroying everything and everyone it came across. I thought that when 2020 came in it was going to be a good year, but was I wrong. I never would have thought in a million years we would have to go through the things that we have had to go through.

To me, 2020 was the worst year ever! We are still getting use to wearing these masks that do not really help anything, but it is a percaution to protect ourselves and others that we come in contact with. Social distancing has ruined the holidays for families all over the world. Will we ever get to have a regular holiday where family and friends can visit? Will there ever be a time when we all can just gather and have a get-together without wearing masks and social distancing? Will we ever have the opportunity to go inside of the stores, and resturants without masks? Will we ever get to go back to church and worship together? Will it always be this way?

2020 was a lot of death and devastation, and destruction…something that we will never forget. Food flew off of shelves in the stores as if the end of the world were coming, it was complete pandimonium. I have never saw anything like it before, and there are still limits on some things in certain stores. Will we always be looked at strangely when we cough or sneeze? Will we always be asked those rediculous questions, having our temperatures taken, signing in places like I had to do at a pharmacy? How will we ever feel normal again? Will children get to go back to school again to learn in a classroom? Will things always be viritual? This virus has inprisoned us all in every way possible to keep us from being ourselves, to keep us from being happy…it is not fair.

We still have to live our lives from day to day hoping that it all will soon come to an end. Hoping that our lives will go back to the normal that we once knew. Yes, there is vaccines now, but whose to say that it will really work? What about the variant that is here now? Will it work for that? Will it stop it as it is supposed to for COVID-19? Will everyone be able to afford the vaccine after the pharmacutical companies start charging for it? What about the people that are on a fixed income, will their Medicade, and Medicare insurance cover it so they do not have to pay for it? What about the people that are not in America, that are in distant places in the world, is it available to them too? Will it be enough for everyone that wants to take the vaccine?

What about the homeless, is the government making a way for them to receive it? What about those that do not have a way to get to the clinics to take the vaccine that really need it because they have underlying conditions? What about those that do not have family to help them to get to the place that the vaccines are being given, will someone help them? What about the people that are in nursing facilities, will it be administered to them, and to those that are taking care of them? What about those that live at home that have someone coming in to take care of them, will there be someone to go and administer the vaccine to them?

I am glad there is a vaccine, and I am also glad that 2020 is gone. I just hope and pray that the people that are on the frontlines are the first to get the vaccine, because they risk their lives everyday when they go to work. We all need to pray that 2021 will be better than the year that just passed.

Stay safe, wear your mask, and social distance. We are all in this together. Have a blessed New Year!

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