Food In Biblical Times, and Was it Healthy?

I want to talk about some of the food that was eaten in Biblical times. Was the food that they ate healthy? They had to grow everything that they ate. such as corn, beans, wheat for flour, and barley for other things. They had goats to milk so they could have milk to drink and make cheese. They grew herbs for seasoning the food that they cooked. They raised animals for meat, and they had fish from the sea. They did not have grocery stores to go and buy their food from like we do, so they did not have refrigeration to preserve their food to keep it fresh like we do, so they cooked just enough to eat for that day. They had fruits and vegetables just as we do today, but they had to pick it by hand from the trees that grew it. Sometimes people would travel trading things for different products. The lives that they lived were simple. They appreciated what they had. They took care of each other, and they were there for those that were less fortunate than they were.

In the picture below, there are fish and bread. They ate Tilapia; that is the name of the fish that they ate. This is the fish that Jesus fed to the multitude of people. Tilapia is sold in grocery stores today, and it is good.

We often complain about the things we do not have and the things we want, but they had someone walking with them who could change their whole world, and that person is Jesus Christ. What a privilege it would have been if we could have walked and talked with Him, even sat down and had a meal with Him.

I thought that this video would be helpful, check it out.

I now want to talk about some of the fruits and vegetables that they consumed in Biblical times. Fruits and vegetables are very important because vitamins can be found in them as well. It is important to stay healthy although it is hard for some. Everyone cannot afford to buy the things that they know they need to stay healthy. I wonder if they had proper vitamins to take in Biblical times, and if they did, what was it, and where did it come from?

I was unable to find the information that wanted to share on the vitamins that they may have taken in Biblical Times, but I was able to find this video Foods from the time of Jesus. I hope you enjoy it.

This is just the first part of this study, there will be more added to it as the Lord gives me topics to write about. Stay blessed.

What did people eat in early biblical times?

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