Enjoying Everyday Given

Sometimes we go through our day without even enjoying the time that we have been given. We don’t realize that tomorrow isn’t promised to us. Every moment of every day is precious because life is precious and we only get one life to live.

Question is, do we enjoy every day that is given to us? Do we treasure every moment of every day that we are given? Do we spend that time alone, with our friends, with our loved ones, with our children, with that special someone? Most of all do we spend time with God, the One who gives us these days, minutes, moments in time, second chances? Do we acknowledge His presence?

The only way we will ever enjoy every day given is to put God first in our lives. Acknowledge Him first so He can lead us in the way we should go. So He can give us the wisdom to survive in this time that we are having to face.

We can still enjoy every day given to us. He doesn’t want us to live in fear. He wants us to have faith and trust in Him.

When we pray, He takes away all of our fears. He calms us and gives us peace in our souls. We can rest knowing that He has us all in His hands.

We can rest knowing that He is watching over His creation. We have nothing to worry about, that is why we can still enjoy every day given to us. ©2020

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New year, new moments in time for us to think about how blessed we are. To look back and reflect on the good things in our lives, such as family and friends. Each moment in time is just that, a moment in time from minute to minute, hour by about, second by second of every day. We live from breath to breath. We breathe in and out, inhale and exhale. As I think about those that I miss and love that are no longer here, my heart grows heavy. I remember the good times we had. In those moments, we never thought they would come to an end. We lived for the next day to make new memories and new moments in time. We didn’t think about the next day not being promised to us, we just enjoyed the times we had together. Every day we should be thankful for the time we share, and the moments we make memories because memories are made to be shared that are made in moments in time.©2021

Happy New Year 2021 !

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