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“Music is something that will always be around, so let us all enjoy it and have fun.”

Mrs. Shaunelius L. Sterns
Technology side of music.

I have always loved music. I have always been surrounded by music all of my life, and it is something that I know I cannot live without. It is what makes the musical side of me shine when I am singing a song, writing lyrics, or just playing music on my keyoard, or when I am listening to it on the radio, or my phone. I love music so much to the point that I listen to it when I am working; it makes time go by fast, and I am in my own world.

If there were no music the world would not have anything to vibe to, it would be dull and boring. There would not be any rhythm, nothing to look forward to listen to. Everyone has that favorite song that they like to listen to at the end of the day to wind down. Everyone has that song that they enjoy vibing to when they want to cut loose and cut a rug. Everyone has that favorite song that they like to sing because it fits their voice tone. There are lots of reasons people listen to music. This is why I am going to list songs from YouTube Music that I enjoy listening to. Some of it will be Gospel, and a mixture of slow jamzs, R&B, and such. Maybe there will be something that everyone will enjoy listening to from my list.

I also create playlists, that is another thing that I enjoy doing. It is so relaxing. I always come across music that I have not heard in a long time. It is good to have technology to look up old music that you have not listened to in a very long time. That was just another suggestion that I thought would spark your interest for music, and so you can search up music to see what else is out there in the music world.

If you are around older people that were born before we all were, ask them about the music that they listened to when they were growing up. Make them a playlist so they can listen to the music and travel down memory lane. I guess that is the reason I love music. I can sit and listen to music that I would listen to when I was growing up, and listen to the music that my family enjoyed listening to when they were growing up. when I was a kid, I always would ask what kind of music was out back then. I always would look at the old 45’s that my mother kept in a box, sometimes she would play them for me on the record player. We also had a stereo that played “A-Track Tapes”, she would play music for me like that too. Sometimes she would play music for me on her organ, and that is when I knew I was always going to love music. There was not a day that went by that music wasn’t being played in our house. Now that I am grown, I still listen to music every day, all day, and all night long.

Music has been around for many centuries, and it will be around for many more generations to come. Music makes memories where ever a person is in the world. Don’t forget to share music, you just never know who likes what you like. ©2021

Here is Some of My favorite Music:

This music video is called : Still. I hope you all enjoy it.
This music video is called: Not Too Far. I hope you all enjoy it.
This music video is called: Off My Back. I hope you all enjoy it.

This is just some of the music I enjoy listening to. I wanted to share it with you all. There will be more to come, so stay tuned. While listening, just have fun. Don’t forget to share this with friends and family.©2021

This is my Trailer for my podcast, Food for the Soul. every recording and show is recorded by myself, Shaunelius L. Sterns. I hope you will join me on my journey of spirituality and fun on Food for the Soul. ©2021

Enjoying my Christmas!

Hello! Merry Christmas!  This is Shaunelius Sterns, the hostess for Food for the Soul. Today is beautiful, and I am thankful to be here to celebrate Jesus’ birthday! I hope your day is going well, and I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world. I cannot wait to throw down on all of this delicious food we have prepared., so, with that being said, I am waiting to get my grub on! Deuces. ©2021

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