Music, rhythm, and rhyme with melodies that makes you want to move to the beat is a treat to your feet, it makes you feel good inside, and you are having fun,and burning calories while dancing all around. What better way to exercise and have fun doing it.

Everyone understands music, it is a universal language. It is something that tells stories of what the writer is feeling at that point in time in their lives. I believe that life would be boring without music to listen to. I cannot see my life without it. Music is used to express feelings that someone wants to say to someone but just does not know how to say it because their words just will not come out right. Music has always been used to express love, romance and tinderness. Listen to some of the old skool jamz that was out before we were born and you will see what I am talking about. Music was clean back then and easy to listen to without all of the profanity. That is why I would rather listen to old skool jamz just when I feel like listening to some really good music. Try it, you just may like it.

Here you can look up all kinds of music that you love to listen to.

This is such a beautiful Scripture. God does not hide nothing from us, He tells us that He is going to do something new.

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