How I Am Feeling Tonight

I felt like I wanted to share some of my poetry on this sight because I wanted to share my heart. Not only am I a Christian, but I am a poet as well. I have been writing poetry for many years. So I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Poetry is one of my passions in writing. My poetry can be found on my site, Diva’s Poetry, type in There you can find more of my poetry.

Poetry is one of the first types of writing that I fell in love with when I studied it in middle school, but I had read poetry for many years, but I came to love poetry, so I started learning to put my words together in different ways to make beautiful words fit together to make things rhyme, but not all of the time. Poetry does not have to rhyme all of the time, just as long as the reader is able to understand what is being said.

Poetry makes your mind soar to places that it has never been before. I love reading poetry as just as much as I love writing it. I suppose I will always read and write poetry as long as I have the strength in my hands to do it.

I will never stop writing poetry. I will always keep being creative in my writing and in my art. That is on the way also. I am working on some new peices. When they are finished, I will post pictures of it on this sight so everyone can see them. Well I guess that is all I have to say for now, until tomorrow, or until I am inspired again, have a blessed day.

This is what it looked like in my neighborhood when it snowed. It is so beautiful. Thank God for the snow.

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