Helping Someone Who Bit the Hand That Fed Them

It is strange how people need someone when they have no one else that they can turn to to help them. God will put people in your path that will need help. It is strange to me when that happens to someone you know. We are suppose to help people when they need help if we can help them, but when that person that is being helped turns around and disrespects you, now that is wrong in every since of the word. When you take someone in and feed them, let them use what is yours, sleep in your bed, and give them clothes to keep them warm, something to keep the cold chill of the air off of them, and treat them like they are your child, try to teach the right from wrong, and teach them about Jesus, and they turn right around and steal from you, and disrespect your house, that is wrong! How can someone bite the hand that fed them, and tried to help them? How can that person sleep at night knowing that what they have did is wrong? How can their conscience not bother them? How can they go from day to day looking at what they stole from the one who helped them?

How can a person be so cruel? What happened to the respect that people had for one another? What happened to the children who always respected their elders? What happened to the love that children showed to adults who tried to help them and treated them with kindness? Children have no respect anymore for anyone. They all have attitudes that is just sickening. To see this generation be the way that they are is just deploriable.

There are so many children that are homeless and lost because they have no one who will care for them, they have no guidance in their lives. They are lost and alone in the world trying to figure it all out on their own, but failing all at the same time. I hate to see young children out in the streets throwing their lives away living wreckless, making bad decisions and thinking that the streets will take care of them. There is nothing in the streets except death, and diseases, and jail for those that just do not care to leave that lifestyle and get help for themselves. This world is cruel and it will eat a person alive if they let it.

When will they realize that there is more to life than making trouble and fighting? When will they realize that there is someone who loved them enough to have them and bring them in this world? When will it sink in that this world is not their forever home? We are only here for the alloted time that God has given us since we were born, and when that time is up we will no longer be here, God will take us away.

You never bite the hand that has fed you because you never know when you might just need that person again. Will they help you, or will they turn you away? Will they ask you if you remember what you did to them the first few times they helped you? What then? Will they turn you away, or will they let you in? This is why it is so important to never burn your bridges because you never know when you just may have to cross over them again.

Always remember to respect people because you just never know who just may have to help you. You do not know who it will be to give you your last plate of food, or your last drink of water before you leave this earth. We all need help at some point in life, so be kind, be respectful, and most of all DO NOT BITE THE HAND OF THE ONE THAT IS HELPING YOU!

Listen to this song by: Danny Gokey-Love God and Love People. This is a very beautiful song. I hope you enjoy it.
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