My Dream Home: Mansion

Write about your dream home.

Every girl growing up wants to live in her dream home. She knows exactly how it will look, where it will be, and every piece of furniture she wants to put in it.

I am still searching for my dream home. I want my dream home to be a four story mansion so I can have my own private studio where I will do all of my writing, painting, drawing, and recording my shows. I would have state of the art High end kitchen appliances, I would have all of my main bedrooms on the second floor with an elevator. I would have an indoor hot and cold swimming pool complete with a full gym, sauna, and hot tub.

My bathrooms would be set up like a spa retreat. I would have every kind of bath and body oil there is on the market, every kind of body conditioner, and everything that I would need to stay fresh and beautiful. I would have a dressing room built into my gigantic walk in closet. It would contain everything I need. I would have state of the art security cameras all around my mansion. There would also be high security intercoms with codes so I will know who is entering my property.

In the back of my property, I would have my guesthouse’s so family would have some place to sleep when they visit. I would have my greenhouse on the north end of my property where I would grow exotic vegetables and fruits. There would be fruit trees of every kind.

My living room would have the most expensive furniture that money can buy; nothing cheap. My lights would be voice activated, and the thermostat as well. Solar lights would be all around my mansion and driveway that will lead to my six car garage which would welcome me home if I left and returned home.

In my dream home, there would be the best of everything that my heart desires. I know and believe that one day this will be my dream home where I will live and enjoy the rest of my life. It will be something that I will leave for my children, grandchildren, and their children for generations to come. I grew up with nothing extravagant, but this is what I want before I leave this earth. I want my family to never have to want a place to live, because they will have it when my dream comes true.

Beautifully built mansion.

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