I Did It Again!

Today, I want to invite everyone to visit my new music site: https://music3387.wordpress.com

The name is Inspirational Beats That Makes You Move for Jesus!

I had been planning to do this for a while, but today I was thinking, I need a place where I can share all of the music I enjoy listening to. This is something for everyone. This music will be strictly clean. I had so much fun creating my site. I hope you will enjoy it too.

As always thank you for joining me on my journey with Food for the Soul. God bless.

Photo by Reshma Chowdhury on Pexels.com

The Phoenicians and More History Videos

These are just a few videos I have been watching lately. I have been learning about different places and people in the Bible. I decided to share a few of them with you so you can see what I am doing in my spare time when I am not writing.

I thought this would be educational to get some insight on what was going on behind the scenes before Jesus came into the world. There are so many more videos that I am going to watch. I will share them all so you can watch them if you choose to. I am always looking for something new to learn. Hopefully this will open up the Word more for me when I see those names of those places, and people who lived back then.

History hasn’t always been my favorite subject to study, but it is something about this that has me motivated to learn more about the past when it comes to the people and places in the Bible. I’ve always had a feeling that there was more going on than what was just written for us to know. Hopefully it will all make sense to me now.

I hope you enjoy the videos. Leave your comments in the comment section.

As always, thank you for joining me on my journey with Food for the Soul. God bless.

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

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