Transform My Mind: Day-3

Transform My Mind

Our minds are transformed as we surrender our lives to God and mature in our faith. We all experience thoughts, situations, and events throughout our lives that challenge and stretch us. As we walk out our faith, our minds are constantly bombarded by thoughts, lies, and worries that come against the truth of God. Our experiences and feelings can shape patterns and behaviors as we respond and react to our environments. The Bible says we have authority in Christ over our present circumstances. We have the authority to react in agreement with the Holy Spirit. We are transformed as we intentionally discern truth from lies and redirect our thoughts to what God has to say about us. It takes intentional prayer, but the Holy Spirit is always with us to help us in our thoughts. As we yield to the Holy Spirit and embrace the process of God’s transforming love, we pursue progression and not perfection. As you continue to walk in your God-given authority, your minds and emotions are renewed. As we mature in our relationship with Christ, we declare the promises of God over our lives, and we are transformed!

Application/ Reflection:

What areas of your mind, thoughts, and emotions require fresh surrender to God?
What is God speaking to you about transforming your mind?

Lord, I thank you for inviting me daily to a fresh surrender to you. I praise your name, that your ways are not my ways and that you are higher than all of my thoughts, emotions, and circumstances. I invite you into my heart and mind today. I pray you change me, renew me, and transform my mind. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen!

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