Devotional: Isaiah 9:6 Article

This Old Testament prophecy describes our Savior Jesus Christ in beautiful terms. His name would be called Wonderful. He has always been wonderful for he is the Ancient of Days and it was by him that the world was created. He is God and he became a man. His virgin birth was wonderful. His life was wonderful. His death and resurrection were wonderful.

He is wonderful now. He is drawing men to him and he is interceding for his people. And he shall be wonderful. He is coming back some day and his appearance will be wonderful. Then the redeemed host will praise him forever as they stand in his presence and understand as never before that he is Wonderful!

When the day-to-day struggles of life are pressing us down and it seems there is nothing about our present circumstances that brings us joy, what a blessing to focus our attention on our wonderful Savior. Jesus called his disciples friends and when we remember that he is our wonderful friend, one that never leaves us or forsakes us, we can find reason to rejoice in the most difficult of circumstances.

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