Devotion: John 1:29 Article

John points men to Jesus as the Lamb — the Lamb who would be slain, who would die on the cross to put away sin. Many in that day desired a king, but the message of a dying Savior held no interest. Today men will respect a great teacher, or follow a leader who calls for social reform; but they will reject the gospel of Christ because they have no sense of needing atonement, of needing a substitute to die in their place and take away their sin.

Lessons concerning the Lamb are seen throughout the scriptures. When Abel offered a lamb which was an acceptable sacrifice we see a type of Christ, the Lamb who gave his life for sinners at Calvary. The Lamb was prophesied by Isaiah. The Lamb was identified by John the Baptist. The Lamb is seen glorified as the Apostle John writes in the book of Revelation.

May we on a daily basis follow the admonition to “behold the Lamb”. Behold him as he ministers to the poor and the needy. Behold him as he calms the storm and heals the sick. But most of all, behold him as the Lamb whose death on the cross successfully put away sin forever.

Sinners who look to the slain Lamb find a great hope. Those running the race find strength and encouragement as they look to Jesus and his completed work on the cross. And one day the struggle with sin will be over, all the battles will have been fought, the race will have been run and the redeemed will see him and praise him as the “worthy Lamb”, who was slain and has redeemed us to God by his blood (Revelation 7:9-10).

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