Singing Through the Storm

I want to talk about the thunder storm that came through last night. It was loud! Thunder roared, lightening flashed and lit up the sky with colorful electricity.

Instead of going to bed, I stayed up singing and praising God.  Tell me this, who sings through a storm? Normally I would be sitting still, but my spirit would not let me. This is something I have never experienced before unless I was traveling with my church growing up.

I was taught to keep still while God was working no matter if it was day or night. Yes, my heart beat fast, but I could not stop singing, and I could not sit down no matter how my feet and back hurt.


As I was singing, my faith grew stronger. I could feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. I could feel Him standing right beside me as I sang praises to God. I had so much joy. It makes me feel good to know He was with me even during the storm.


This experience reminds me of Jesus saying that He will never leave us, nor forsake us, and that He will be with us even until the end of the age. Even when we face storms in our life Jesus is with us. When we don’t have the words to pray, He is with us. When our world is turning upside down, He is with us. No matter what our situation is, He is with us. Even when someone we love had gone home to be with Him, He is with us.

We have to remember that we can call on Jesus at anytime day or night. He is always ready to listen to us even when we are going through uncontrollable situations we are facing in our life. There is not a storm that Jesus can’t handle. Always remember, “Peace be still.” Jesus spoke to the storm on a raging sea, and He can speak to the storms in our life too.

Call on His glorious name. He is waiting to hear from you today. Tell Him about your storms you are facing. Let Him bring peace in the storms in your life. God bless you. Jesus loves you very much. Until next time, thank you for joining me on my journey which is Food for the Soul.

The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

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