Creating New Content

I know I have not recorded any new material for either of my podcasts. It is because I have been creating new content for my shows. There are so many new ways for me to record and share it now. It is so much going on in podcasting now. I know for sure that this coming year I will be doing something very different. I am thinking about it a lot, but there are a few things I have to do first. I am very excited about it though.

While I am being creative in my writing, I am thinking about starting a site which will contain all of my short stories that I have been writing for a very long time. So, stay tuned for that. Recently I have been doing a lot of brainstorming. I am working on several stories I am writing at the same time, so it will be a while before I type them out because I am writing them out by hand. I do all of my editing like that so it will be perfect when I type them out. With that being said, back to my writing. Until tomorrow, stay safe.

I enjoy writing.

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