Message: Matthew 25:40

There are many of Jesus’ instructions that we show by our actions we have not fully comprehended or considered — or even believed.

He exhorts us “take no thought for tomorrow” and yet we worry ourselves to death. He promises “my yoke is easy” and yet we prefer to labor under our own. He says, “If you love me, keep my commandments” and yet we ever strive to separate the two. He warns “you cannot serve God and money” and yet we always try to join the two.

But perhaps the revelation which is most widely ignored is this: if you do anything for the least of Jesus’ brethren, it is as if you have done it to Jesus. Do you live like that is true?

Have you visited dingy, smelly nursing homes; given to foreign evangelism; reached out to broken addicts; taught your children the Bible — all as if you were doing it to Jesus? So often we hurry by the hurting faces of Jesus’ brothers and sisters because we consider them beneath us. And yet King Jesus says, “you have done it to me.”

Did you wake up this morning with the realization that today you could do something to minister directly to Jesus? Let that revelation sink in. Live like you take Jesus’ statement seriously. Help the hurting, dust the furniture, teach the Bible, give to the needy, encourage the downcast just the way you would if Jesus was the One you were encountering today. Because he is.

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