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Hey grateful people! Happy to see you again 🤗

Hope that you’re all doing very well and living life gratefully.

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30 Best March Quotes to Enjoy Your Time
Ah, the sound of March. I feel a sense of hopefulness and I leave the hand winter and come back home to spring.

This month brings the most awaited days of the year – the last day of winter. I am excited about it and today I bring to you March quotes to help you get into the mood of spring too.

The month of March represents new growth and its flower symbol is Daffodil – which represents forgiveness, trust, honesty, and true love.

I hope that in March, you will have a lot of happiness in little moments and discover more about yourself.

And, with that, here are March quotes for you:

30 Best March Quotes to Enjoy Your Time

Wisdom & Self-help Tips
The Art of Letting Go – 6 Steps to Freedom
Some time back, I had made a story on our Instagram channel asking for topics that people wanted to learn about. One of the responses that I distinctly remember was this – letting go.

We all have at some point in our lives felt the need to let go of something, be it bad habits, people, fears, actions, or, a hurtful past. And, it’s important.

It’s important to let go of that weight, those shackles, that tightness in our chests, that heaviness in our heads. It is one surefire way to live our days with freedom.

As you’re here, you’ve taken the very first step – decided that it’s time to let go. And, I want you to appreciate that.

You’re making a good choice here, and not one that’s necessarily easy. Say this affirmation with me – It’s time to let go.

So, how do we let go? What is the art of letting go?

Here are the 6 steps that have helped me and I think will help you too:

Remove the barriers
Stop blaming and looking for someone to redeem themselves
Is there any way to get closure?
Take time out to only express
Know that it will happen slowly
Focus on Gratitude

The Art of Letting Go – 6 Steps to Freedom

Inspirational Stories of Gratitude
Sandra’s Story – The journey to being grateful
“I have been really ungrateful about a lot of things. But, how could I be grateful when I never truly loved my life or myself I never even considered it.

God has been so good to me but I was always so blind to see it, you know why?

I was never opened to see his goodness, his love for me, my family, my education, and life itself.

To be human and capable of making decisions, to have good health, to be alive, none of these occurred to me as special or worthy of giving praise.

I never felt I actually fit in or belonged…”

Read Sandra’s full story below:

Sandra’s Story – The journey to being grateful
I’ll see you next Monday!

With Gratitude,

I hope you find beautiful moments in life every day 🙂

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