Daily Refresh: Proverbs 16:9


we all make plans for our life. We want to do amazing things, but do we ever stop and consider what God wants for us, what He wants us to do? I often wonder if God laughs at some of the things we want to do that may not be good for us. He knows our every thought. He knows what we want, but is what we want what He wants?

We try to do things on our own and mess things up, then who do we turn to? We turn to God to fix our mess we made. He is always there for us, so, the next time we try to do things, we should go to Him and ask Him to direct our steps in the way we should go. When we don’t do what we know we should do, we will mess things up every time. Let’s be grateful that we have our Heavenly Father looking out for us no matter what. God bless.

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