Good Morning! How Do You Like Your Coffee?

I thought this was kind of nice, so I wanted to share this with everyone. Those of you who enjoy drinking coffee as much as I do probably like your coffee a certain way, you also probably have your favorite coffee mugs you like to drink from. I have several favorite mugs I like drinking from. I like my coffee with cream, or milk. I do not like it straight though. It is too bitter for my taste, but if that’s how you like yours more power to you.

I like drinking it early in the mornings when I wake up. If I drink it late in the day it keeps me up at night. There was a time a few years ago when I could drink it all day and still go to sleep, but not now. It’s strange though. I guess as you age, your body change.

Well, for the most part of the morning, I am usually reading and posting what I like to post. After that, I get dressed and enjoy the rest of my day drinking my coffee; spiced up of course.

However you choose to have your coffee enjoy it to the fullest, right down to the last drop. Until next time, have a wonderful weekend.👍🏾

Candle Burning Tips

Candles are pretty and they smell good. They come in all shapes and sizes. They come in containers large and small , and they also come in sticks. There are those that do not have the smell of a fragrance.

When burning candles, they must be in s safe place where they cannot be disturbed by the wind, because they could be blown over and start a fire. You want to have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case something like that does happen.

There are candles that float on the water while they are lit to create an ambient space. It is good to have candle holders available when having a candlelight dinner, or when you just want to lite the candles. Also keeping the wick trimmed helps the light stay low.

Candles come in handy when it’s storming and the lights get knocked out. Always have a safe place to sit them when they are lit when that happens.

Candles, such as the Glade candles, and many others are in containers that are decorative to make them look pretty when lit. There are those that have the smell if Apple and cinnamon spice, vanilla, peach, mango, and so many more.

Just be careful when having candles lit. Watch them periodically to make sure they are burning properly. If you have pets in your home, make sure they are in a safe place so they won’t run and knock them over. We have to think about their safety too.

In my opinion, I think it is safer to light candles when everyone is asleep, and by everyone, I mean the kids and pets. I say this because it will be less worrying, you will be able to relax better and enjoy the moment.

When blowing out the flame, make sure it is completely extinguished. You can do that by cutting the burned part of the wick. No more worries. Candles always makes the evening feel more special. It’s just something about that feeling you get when candles are burning. I suppose it is the flicker of the flame. Until next time , enjoy your evening sitting by candlelight watching your favorite shows while sipping on that special drink you like.

Devotional: Daily Surrender: James 4:7

Daily Surrender

What does it mean to be humble in our relationship with God?

There are three things that the apostle James mentions that can help us: submit to God, resist the devil, and draw near to God.

Submit to God.
Submitting to God means coming under His authority. Rather than living according to our own desires and ways of living, we should submit those things to God and live according to His desires and standards.

In order to truly submit to God, we must first recognize that His ways are better than ours. We must recognize that He knows better than we do. We must also believe that He has our best intentions in mind. He cares for us.

Resist the devil.
The devil desires to keep us from our relationship with God and cause us to stray from God. When we resist him by God’s strength, he will flee from us.

Draw near to God.
The best way to submit to God and resist the devil is to draw close to God in our relationship with Him. Not only does He promise to draw close to us, but He will also give us strength and grace to endure every trial.

Take a moment to think about your own life. Are there parts of your life or plans that you haven’t surrendered to God? Every day is a new opportunity to submit ourselves to God and to draw near to Him. So right now, think of ways you can make these things part of your daily habits.

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