Day-5 Devotional: Dew Comes in the Morning

Dew Comes in the Morning

As I think over my life, of all of the ups and downs, I can’t help but thank God for His faithfulness. In times when it felt like life was never going to get better, God showed up and turned things around for me. I’m sure we all have stories of when God stepped into a situation and turned it around.

I don’t know about you but often time, it’s in the darkest hours of the day that I am tossing and turning with anxieties and worries. Whether it’s worrying about finances or our children or our aging parents or work-related stresses, it seems like when the day comes to an end and it’s quiet, that is when we are most vulnerable and susceptible to the “what if monster”.  What if I’m failing my kids? What if we can’t pay the mortgage? What if my mom gets sick? What if I don’t do well on that presentation? It’s in the dark and lonely hours of the night that we wrestle. But I have some good news for you…

As I did a quick Google search on what time dew forms, I learned that the dew forms at the lowest temperature of the day. In the dark, at the lowest and coldest and maybe loneliest part of the day, before the sun rises, before the birds sing, before the world awakes, the dew forms. What this tells me is that when we are wrestling with our own thoughts and fears, God is working on our behalf to bless us, provide for us, and sustain us for another day. Isn’t it amazing to think that at the same time that we’re struggling, God is blessing us? 

Friends, the good news is that the dew comes in the morning. Regardless of what your night looked like, regardless of how hard it was, the dew comes in the morning. God is faithful. In our darkest, lowest parts of our life, God is still there. He is still providing. He is still blessing. He is still intentional. He is still good. 

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