Day-4 Devotional: Top-Down Approach

Top-Down Approach

I don’t know if you have ever noticed that the dew on each blade of grass starts at the top. The dew is on the top of the grass and as the morning continues, the dew drips down towards the ground and nourishes the ground. As I did some quick research, I read that the dew helps to do three specific things: (1) the dew helps PROTECT t the leaves by helping it retain moisture so that the leaves or blades of grass can be more resistant to hot, dry conditions; (2) the dew helps to REDUCE STRESS for the plant; and (3) the dew helps to FEED OTHERS species by providing hydration for those particular species. Okay now that you have had a quick botany study, what does this have to do with our learning about God? 

My husband and I have continually talked to our children (especially our teenager) about being under our “covering”. We illustrate this idea using an umbrella and we explain to them that when they are obedient, they are under our umbrella (or our covering). Because they are following our rules, being respectful, and honoring what we say, they are under our protection. However, if and when they decide to not obey and not honor, they are then on their own. And we explain how it’s the same concept in our relationship with God. When we are being obedient and honoring God, we are under His covering. But as soon as we step out of that obedience and honor, we are no longer under the covering of God and that’s when we find ourselves in situations that we don’t want to be in.

This parenting lesson that we teach our children reminded me of the dew. The dew starts at the top and then covers the rest of the blade below it. Not only that but it then saturates the ground around it. In the same way, when God decides to bless you, He is not only blessing you, He is also blessing those under you. It’s a top-down approach. When God blesses my husband with a new career opportunity or a new ministerial opportunity or with a vision for our family or even a Word from the Lord, it doesn’t only bless my husband. It blesses all of us. It blesses me and then it continues to flow down and bless our children. And then, because we are overflowing and are saturated with the blessing, we then bless those around us. 

The dew protects and that protection covers everything under it. Like we read about in our botany study, the dew protects from stressful conditions. Where we feel like we may not be able to make it, the dew comes along and protects, nourishes and hydrates. So my question to you is who are you under? Is it a parent? Is it a spouse? It is a pastor? Is it a mentor? Who is the person who is covering you? I would reason that if you’re currently not under someone, you are more exposed to the stressful conditions of life. You are more susceptible to being scorched. And then the next question I would ask is who are you covering? Is it a spouse? A child? A family member? A friend? Who is the person(s) that is being impacted by the blessings that God has intentionally given you? We all have a role to play here. We should all be covered and we should also be covering.

Grass grows in bunches. On purpose and for a purpose. It has more of a chance to thrive when it’s thick and lush. When grass is scattered, it is easily choked out by the weeds. Life is meant to be done with others. And someone is depending on your dew.

Take time to reflect on how God has blessed you to be a blessing to others. Thank God for all of those that He has entrusted into your care. And appreciate those that He has put over you that have protected you and blessed you when you weren’t even aware.

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