The Birth of Jesus, How does It Make You Feel?

When Jesus was born it was a silent night. Who would have ever thought that Jesus would have been born in a stable which was unsanitary and dirty? There was not any room anywhere for them to lodge in a clean warm place inside from the elements.  As Jesus was being born, the star shined over the stable where Jesus was being born. Everyone saw the star shining and followed the star to where Jesus was born. The angel Gabriel came and announced the birth of Jesus, and a multitude of heavenly host praised God, saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

When I think about the birth of Jesus, it brings joy to my heart. God did not have to send His Son into this world if He did not want to, but because we needed a Saviour, He did. We should be praising God every day for His Son and what He sent Him here to do for us. We were bought at a price that we will never be able to repay.

Let us think about how Mary must have felt knowing why her son was born, and what was going to have to happen to Him so we could be saved from sin. I can just wonder when she was holding her baby what she may have felt holding her Saviour. What she may have felt when she raised Him all of His life. I wonder how Joseph must have felt for Jesus to be his step son, and his Saviour. I am quite sure Mary and Joseph held on to all of the memories they made together with Him while He was growing up.

I know Joseph must have been proud to teach Jesus Carpentry. I am quite sure Mary was proud as well. When time came for Jesus to be crucified, I know that the disciples were afraid, except the one who cut off the soldier’s ear. Judas betrayed Him, Peter denied Him three times, Thomas doubted that He rose from the dead, but Mary had to see her Son die on the cross.

I cannot imagine the grief and pain she had to feel in her heart and soul. I know it must have had an effect on how she did the things she had to do at home. The reason I say this is because loss hurts and people deal with grief differently, and sometimes it takes a long time to get passed it. I feel in my heart that she was overjoyed when she seen that He had risen from the dead just as He told the disciples that He would. I am glad that He took the punishment that we all deserved. It was gruesome, but that was the sacrifice He made for us. He paid the ultimate price for us by shedding His blood and taking our sins upon Himself.

Life gets hard every day because of what we are going through, but nothing can ever compare to what Jesus went through for us. We should be counting our blessings every day and thanking God for each and every one. We should bless God for all He has done, is doing, and will do for us. We should have hearts of Thanksgiving. We may not always get what we want because He knows what is best for us. I know for myself that sometimes it can be hard to understand why He says no to us, sometimes we have to wait a little while longer, but that’s alright. It means that He is moving things around and out of the way so we will not be harmed.

He loves us and only wants what is best for us. He does not want us to have any old thing, but only the very best of things. We are to be happy in Him and not the things we possess. Things are temporary, but our eternal life is forever. If you have not talked to Jesus today, He is waiting to hear from you. If you have not asked Him into your heart, repent, believe, confess, and live your life for Him. Your eternal salvation is very important. Where do you want to spend eternity? Choose this day who you will serve, because as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Thank you for following me on my journey with Food for the Soul. God bless you all, and stay safe. ©2021

The Nativity, The Holy Family

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