Evening Meditation: 1 Peter 4:11

Take a moment to meditate on God’s Word.

If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. 1 Peter 4: 11 Shared from Bible Home for Android https://bit.ly/bible-home-play

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  1. The simplicity of Torah faith. Ruling the land with judicial imposed justice which permits Jews to conduct diplomacy with other Jews whose interests opposes one another in open conflict.

    Torah addresses social oppression, cruelty by men over men. The Shoah has nothing what so ever with God or theology but rather Power & taking responsibility for our actions. The revelation of the Torah @ Sinai … the amazing realization that if Man cannot behave with righteous justice,,, then who can behave with righteous justice. Justice addresses damages inflicted by Man upon other Men. (Man a non specific term that includes women and all races of humanity.)

    Truth – the path that Man walks his “destiny walk” before the Creator of the Universe. Torah – defines the “destiny walk” of the chosen Cohen nation as: צדק צדק תרדוף – Justice Justice Pursue. Torah does not address Heaven or Hell; Saved or Damned; fallen Angels or Purgatory. The Name of HaShem, forbidden to pronounce! Why?

    What then defines the role of HaShem in the lives of the chosen Cohen nation? Confronted by a tumah Yatzir within our hearts, the Cohen nation turns to swear an oath brit “korban” dedication unto the רוח הקודש Name of HaShem, we dedicate a korban sacrifice to HaShem, through the medium of a sworn oath by means of blow a spirit middah sanctified to that Name, we dedicate as holy to that Name tohor middot — also know as Oral Torah.

    Tohor middot exist as how the Cohen nation dedicates our social interactions among our People; our emotional behaviors, how our children behave toward our People; how we ‘give heart’ to our neighbors and invest in their economic success in life. Torah makes no pretense concerning knowledge of the Gods. We cut an oath brit wherein we swore an oath in the Name of HaShem, (That Name first revealed at the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai in the opening Commandment.), The ”’spirituality”’ of dedicating korbanot\sacrifices/ to the Name, the Cohen nation remembers the oath which our Fathers cut a sworn oath alliance with HaShem to walk the walk of justice before our G-d.

    The Chosen Cohen Nation accepted responsibility to remember within our hearts the 3 oaths which our Fathers swore wherein they cut an oath alliance with HaShem. Torah makes no attempt to grasp the ‘mystery of some dogmatic ‘God Head’. The Creator of the Universe, simply way beyond the grasp of Man to comprehend. Benighted fools who pretend they “know” the Creation of the Universe, who speak as if they possess a knowledge of the Gods, such false prophets have no portion in the World to Come.

    This concept ”World to Come” learns from the sworn oaths כרת\cut between HaShem & Avram. HaShem, at the brit between the pieces, swore a Torah oath to Avram that his future born seed would never become extinct. At the time of this Divine Oath, Avram had no children. Herein the sages learn that נפש\soul/ refers to a bnai brit persons’ future born children. The נידוי\decree of charem – all korbanot qualify as charem – נידוי functions as a דיוק\inference.

    The ban of charem, it כרת\cuts off/ that person, together with all his future born seed, from the oath brit faith established between the sworn oath HaShem dedicated to bring to pass; that Avram’s future born seed would never go extinct. It learns from the mitzvot of קידושין וגט. What does a man acquire when he ‘buys’ his wife. The woman neither a whore or a slave. The mitzva of קידושין bnai brit Israel acquires the nefesh O’lam Ha’bah soul of his wife … the future born children the result and consequence of this marriage. גט, this mitzah bnai brit man returns ownership of the Nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul back to his divorced wife. The רשע who publicly profanes the oath sworn through the mitzvah of קידושין the courts have an obligation to place this wicked man into נידוי, and thereafter issue a גט to the divorced woman, permitting her to marry a man more worthy than the first.

    Herein defines the Torah concepts known as ‘world to come’ & ‘resurrection from the dead’. The Torah knows nothing about Heaven or Hell. Rather the oath which Avram swore to HaShem at that time,,, that if HaShem had chosen the future born seed of Avram as the people of the brit, that the Name of HaShem would forever dwell within the hearts of this brit people for all eternity. The mitzva of tefillah, requires that a man turn within his heart and “remember” his social behavior and interactions with his neighbors that lead to either blessing or curse, life or death.

    Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi\the Prince/ based his explanation of the mitzvah of kre’a shma, evening opposed by morning, upon remembering these two contrasting sets of tohor and tumah social behaviors. To actively remember negative-tumah social behavior as acceptance of the Torah curses in the evening yoke of heaven kre’a shma; contrasted by positive-tohor social behavior as acceptance of the Torah blessings in the morning yoke of heaven kre’a shma. The contrast between remembering disgraceful social behavior, with remembering meritorious social behavior defines the k’vanna of tefillah in the evening and morning da’avening – wherein a Man stands before a Safer Torah and swears an oath brit alliance (Blessings function in the category of Torah oaths.) to honor the oath sworn by the 3 Avot\Fathers.

    The Baali Tosafot (my personal favorites of all the Reshonim) teach concerning the opening blessing of the Shemone Esrei, that אלהי אברהם – as if a person said מלכות. A blessing (as contrasted by saying Tehillem) requires שם ומלכות. These two terms really teach an identical idea. מלכות defined as a dedication of tohor middot as revealed @ Horev, the revelation of the Oral Torah logic format.

    The sworn oath of Yitzak @ the Akadah … Yitzak remembered the commandment of Sarah his mother to Avraham … expel this woman, her son shall not inherit the brit faith; Yitzak swore an oath, HaShem if you save my future born seed from Shoah, I shall command my children to do mitzvot, (a tohor middah), patterned after father who obeyed the command of mother.

    The sworn oath of Yaacov @ came at the crisis blessing inheritance. Yaacov remembered Avraham and Sarah’s relationship; Yaacov swore an oath, Abba\Father cause your first born son to inherit the oath brit alliance cut in HaShem, your Name, by both Avraham and yourself, and I shall command my children to give מחילה\pardon to one another, (a tohor middah). Yosef failed to give מחילה to his brothers. Therefore that action sealed the din of g’lut to the House of Yaacov in Egypt.

    The mitzva of מחילה learns from the Torah commandment not to eat blood. Eating living blood (Blood pumped from the severed throat of a korban animal carries the din of כרת\נידוי/charem from the oath brit faith inheritance.), defines the Torah obligation, as expressed through the 3rd tohor middah of the Oral Torah revelation ie אל, of the obligation to mature/to cook\ our emotional development and commit ourselves to a willingness to give מחילה\pardon to family members or brit neighbors or brit people. The Talmud teaches that the tumah Yatzir of hatred without cause, this tumah middah caused the destruction of our people in Judea. This tumah social behavior middah caused the Jewish people to descend unto g’lut. The Roman legions did not expel Jews from Judea but rather the dominance of our tumah middot Yatzir Ha’Rah caused the Jewish people to suffer the curse of g’lut which lasted 2000+ years.

    This Talmudic mussar rebuke, no person on the Planet Earth can either prove or disprove. In like and similar fashion no Man can prove or disprove the existence of the Gods. But in all matters of the brit faith — the Buck stops @ the Jewish people. We bear total responsibility for either life or death – blessing or cursing. Herein defines the whole of the Torah, NaCH, Talmud, Midrash, & Siddur. Judaism – a very simple and practical faith. Religion has no part in this faith inheritance.

    The contrast between the primacy of Justice, achieved by and through lateral common law courtrooms, over the Xtian Protestant emphasis which prioritizes baptism, eucharist, penance, and justification by faith alone – all these core doctrines of the church, Judaism totally invalidates.

    Together with the Catholic narishkeit: salvation, earned through good works — avodah zarah. The whole protestant doctrine of salvation through faith in JeZeus, Judaism abhors. The avodah zarah, expressed through the rabid messiah insanity, on par with the golden calf. These core Catholic and Protestant doctrines, they serve as evidence that church European barbarians – they never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai & Horev.

    Their doctrines of salvation: belief in messiah JeZeus, and their Trinity God Head mystery – both doctrines violate the first and second commandments of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. Penance, bases itself upon the Pauline doctrine of Original Sin. This doctrine of avodah zarah, it shares no common ground with t’shuvah; the commandment not to follow or embrace the cultures and customs of peoples who never accepted the Sinai\Horev revelation לשמה.

    The negative Torah commandment, which forbids copying the ways of Egyptian and Canaanite avodah zarah, it serves as the primary precedent wherein Moshe the prophet logically interpreted the k’vanna of the Second Commandment. Torah Oral logic has priority over law. Mussar defines the k’vanna of all prophetic prophesy within the T’NaCH common law codification. The Talmud common law codification stands upon the יסוד of the T’NaCH common law codification. Herein defines the k’vanna of the T’NaCH\Talmud/Siddur\ sealed masoret of faith.

    All generations of the chosen Cohen nation, who rule the oath sworn lands, we all equally inherit this sealed masoret whereby HaShem judges whether we obey and do all the mitzvot לשמה. Judgment Day upon the Brit – Rosh HaShanah – the current living generations, our Cohen nation status … this Chag measures the heart, soul, and strength of the chosen Cohen nation; every year klall Yisroel stands upon the scales of Justice.

    Question: Do we establish the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Republic of States? Question: Do we establish the Federal Sanhedrin lateral common law Court system? Question: Do we empower the Federal Sanhedrin lateral common law Courts to define the prophetic mussar k’vanna – through משנה תורה\Legislative Review|Aggaditah/ of all Knesset laws … passed by this Jewish Parliament … established by the founder(s) of the Jewish State? Specifically named Israel, by David Ben-Gurion.

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