In My Thoughts

Today is one of those somber days where I just want to think about things that I can improve about myself.  Procrastination is one of those things. When I am deep in my thoughts, I forget about everything else that needs to be done, such as updating my writings, sprucing up my sites, and doing my hair, make up, and nails. Go figure. You would think those would be at the top of my todo list, but they aren’t. I alway put others and other things before myself; I guess I have always been that way and never really noticed it until recently.

Sitting at my kitchen table, looking out of the window at the trees wondering if the squirrels are warm in their nests. It is chilly outside although they said it was going to be warm, but you can never tell about this Texas weather. It will be pretty one minute and nasty the next. Enjoy the sun when it shines whether it be cold or hot.

Now that Christmas is on the way, just remember we are celebrating the birth of our LORD and King, Jesus Christ. If you are having a party, don’t forget to invite the guest of Honor, it is all about Him. Until next time, Merry Christmas! God bless.©2021

It is all about Jesus!

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