Facing Another Virus

This year has turned out just like last year, but the difference is that there are vaccines for this virus, but who would have thought that we would be facing another virus? Who would have thought that we would still be wearing our masks even though we have been vaccinated, and who would have thought that we would be worrying about being extra careful? What is this world coming to? Why are we having to face this Delta Variant Virus, and where did it come from, and is it a mutation form of the COVID-19 Virus? We need answers, because all of this is just out of hand. We cannot live our lives freely as we want to like we were doing before all of this started. There was a time in our lives when we could enjoy ourselves with our families and children could go to school and have fun learning, and having fun with their friends. Now we still have to social distance, I can understand that, but who is to say that everyone has something? Masks are just to protect us from breathing in germs that could make us sick, because it they were protecting everyone, there would not be as many deaths even though they are being worn everyday. Yes, it is for our protection, but it makes it hard for some people to breathe; such as myself, but I still have to wear my mask no matter what. When the mask mandate was lifted, I thought that things were going back to normal even just for a little while. I thought we could have a little freedom from wearing them. It was said that the people who were vaccinated did not have to wear their mask if they did not want to unless the places where they went required it. I thought we could be normal, but now that this virus has come, we have to resort back to what we were doing in the first place. This really sucks! Pardon my language but this is just how I feel. Everyone should feel some type of way about this! everyday it is something different. You cannot even watch the news anymore without having to hear something about this pandemic that has been going on for a year now.

I absolutely wonder what the children feel about this. This has made the days darker than ever, but God still bring out the sun for us to feel warmth, and rain to cool us off, but most of all Jesus is still the light in this darkness that we face on a daily basis. What about the businesses, are they going to stay open through all of this, or are they going to close again? People have lost so much because of this, and even though a lot of businesses have opened back up I wonder what it is like. I wonder if they are getting the same kind of business that they were getting before tis happened.

There are children who are not old enough to get the vaccine to be protected. What about the new born babies, how are they being protected? This is something that they did not consider when they were making the vaccines; they did not think about the children. What about the side effects? They did not think about that either because it makes everybody feel different. Some have side effects as to where others don’t. I have gotten some of my strength back, but my body still feels weak at times. I never thought in all of my life that we would be going through something like this. I can just imagine what the rest of this year is going to be like. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on these viruses. I really want to know what you think, and how you feel about this situation that we are facing. Don’t forget to like. This will be aired on my show, Food for the Soul on Spotify as soon as it is recorded, so stay tuned for more of my insights on what I think and feel about what we are facing. Stay blessed. Don’t forget to talk to Jesus. He loves us all. We are all in this together.

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  1. There is far more to the virus than many people realize. I recommend reading the excellent new book and research on Covid19 by US psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin: http://www.WeAreThePrey.com

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