Poured Out Like Water, Back in the Valley of Why?

Proverbs 22:6-train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

A mother is a person who takes care of her children from the moment she knows she is with child. She takes care of herself properly to ensure that her child is born healthy and strong. She reads good material to keep her spirit up, and she listens to soft music that is calming to her spirit. When time has come for her child to be born, there is pain like no other. After it is all said and done the pain is forgotten. A mother looks at her child with love in her eyes; she knows that it will never fail. She holds her child close to her heart to feel the heartbeat of her child that connects them forever.

She raises her child in the ways of the Lord. She teaches her child right from wrong. She hopes that her child will always remember what they have been taught. She talks to her child about life and the things that she wants for her child. After years has come and gone, and her child has grown up , she notice changes that ought not be so. She just wonders why. She doesn’t want to accept it! She hopes and prays that it is just a phase, and hope that it will soon pass away. She loves her child, but that lingering feeling of sadness never leaves her. She asks her child of certain things, but to no avail the truth isn’t told; those around her knew and saw the truth that she didn’t want to accept.

She asks herself, where did she go wrong, and what did she do wrong for all of this to happen. She doesn’t understand any of this at all. She is frustrated by this sudden truth. She does not know what to say, think, or what what to do anymore. She has so many questions as to how can this be? How and why did this happen? She poured into her child the Word of God!! Now she feels like she has wasted her time, only to be poured out like water on a dry and thirsty ground, but it just stays on the surface never receiving the water , so the ground is still dry, parched, and cracked.

She finds herself back in the “Valley of Why”?!? Why does things like this happen when a mother raises her child right? Why would a child turn to rebellion instead of doing what is right? Why would a child hurt their mother, father, sisters, and brothers by their wrongdoing?

It makes her feel as if what she done was not enough. It makes her question herself as a mother. It makes her feel empty and numb to the point that she cannot sleep. Her heart is just devastated! How can she accept such a thing as this? How does she deal with this kind of truth? How can she not have questions about this matter? Will things be the same? Will things be different?

She will love the same, she will not judge, but her heart cries out for the answers that plagues her. She knows that God has all of the answers to her questions. She knows He will answer in due time. So, for now, she will pray for strength and guidance, and she will forever love her child that she gave birth to, the child she raised. Who knows for how long due time will be? Only God, because certainly not she.

Jesus, in the Valley Alone, praying. It doesn’t hurt to be alone with the Father of all creation pouring out out hearts to Him. Amen.

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