Psalm 23 The Lord the Shepherd of His People

I want to talk about this Psalm that was written by King David. As I was reading this Psalm, David tells us that the Lord is our shepherd. A shepherd is someone that protects the sheep in the pasture to keep danger away from them, they lead the sheep to green pastures that they may have good grass to graze on. Shepherds are the kind of people that are selfless, they put the sheep before their own needs. No matter what kind of weather it is, they protect the sheep. They gather them all together in one place to keep them safe, and when the shepherd are tending the sheep, they follow them because they know their shepherds voice.

We are the sheep of God’s pasture, and the pasture is the world that we live in. He protects us from danger and harm, things that can hurt us. We hear His voice and we follow Him to a safe place that He has prepared for us. He gives us everything we need so we can survive in this world. While we live in this world and have our being, we are to share the Word of God with the world, when I say the world, I mean those that are lost and without a Savior; a shepherd to lead and guide them and keep them on the right path.

When we are going through things in our lives and we can’t seem to understand what happened, or how we got off of the right path, we have a shepherd that will get us back on track. He is Jesus. Jesus is our Shepherd and we have everything we need in Him. He came that we may have life to the full, a life overflowing with blessings and miracles. He is our provider. Even when we are in the valley of the shadow of death, we have nothing to fear because He is with us. He anoints us with the oil of blessings. He showers His love on us and fills our hearts with joy and peace. God is a God of more than enough. He gives and gives and gives, you can’t beat God giving no matter how hard you try. He is a God of overflow. He will pour us out blessings that we will not have room enough to contain. He loves us so much. I am so glad that He is our Father.

When our fathers here on earth pass away to go home to be with Jesus, we always have or Heavenly Father to take care of us. We can always call on Him, and He will always answer. He is never to busy to answer His children. He is always on time, He’s never late.

Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in all of God’s righteous ways, He is our Shepherd. He is not only our shepherd, He is our comforter when we are lonely, our comforter when we have lost a loved one, He is our everything. When reading Psalm 23, take some time to just understand what David is saying about God in the passages.

David went through a lot of things, and he did a lot of things, but he never forgot his God, his Shepherd. David was not always King David, he was a shepherd boy who tended the sheep and protected them. David was a man after God’s own heart. He was not perfect, not by long shot, but he got his life right with God before God called him home to dwell with Him forever.

When life gets rough, we need to remember who our Heavenly Shepherd is, the one who loves us more than anything. All praises be to God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was and is to come, Amen!

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