The Ten Commandments

When reading Exodus, I see what the Hebrew people went through, and it also made me see how we sometimes complain about things that just don’t make sense. They had a very good reason to complain, they were being treated like slaves because of who they were as people. God heard them and did something about it; He sent Moses and although Moses questioned God about it, he went. See, God will use us for things that we do not understand or make sense to us, but in the end, it all does make sense. For forty years they complained and wondered in the desert. Their hearts had turned against God and Moses, but God led them by a cloud in the day and by fire at night to light their way while they traveled. They still complained all the more, nothing was good enough, so that generation did not get to enter the Promised Land. Because of Moses disobedience, he did not get to enter the Promised Land. He saw it from afar and after it was all said and done, Moses died on Mount Nebo and that is where God buried him. God set the Ten Commandments in place for us to obey Him and worship Him. They are our rules for living how we should live. What we should and shouldn’t do. We all fall short sometimes, but we have a God that loves us so much that He forgives us that we may have a chance to start again. God is Great. Don’t forget to tell Him how wonderful He is.

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