My Life: From the Back Burner Author LA ‘Brea Aquaria

This book means a lot to me. It is my first book I have ever written and published. I am the first one in my family to do something like this. This is a dream come true for me. I am grateful to God for what He has done and is doing for me. I cannot wait to see where He is going to take me on this journey in my life. There are many more books to be written and stories to be told. I am looking forward to sharing them all with the world, and to inspire everyone to follow their dreams and to never give up on them. I want to thank everyone who has been following me since I have been writing on WordPress. It has been a long time now. I have come to know people who I may have never met had I not started writing and blogging. Thank you all for following me on this exciting journey of writing. I want you all to know just how amazing you are. I want you all to know that we never know what tomorrow will bring, so just take one day at a time and enjoy the journey that it brings your way.

This is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I cannot wait to see what unfolds for the rest of this year. Whatever it is, you all will be the first to know about it. This is the surprise I was talking about when I posted that I had a surprise to tell everyone.

To read a sample passage of my book, you may do so at

The Kindle price is $3.99 Buy with one click. Read with free app.

The paperback is $8.99

My book can be ordered through the online bookstore:

You can search for my book by using my name: LA’BREA AQUARIA, the book title, the ISBN PAPERBACK: 9781489742353 E-book ISBN: 9781489742360

I hope you will enjoy reading my book. It took a lot of sleepless nights to get it written. I am just as excited about it now as I was when I first started writing it back in May of this year, 2022. I am ready to start designing the cover of my second book, which I have already started writing. I cannot wait to get it finished and published. When it is finished, I will reveal the name of it, so stay on the lookout for it. Moving forward, I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next on this wonderful journey of writing. Never stop being creative. You may never know where it will take you. Stay blessed. LA’BREA AQUARIA c.2022

“Never stop being creative”.

This is a picture of me in the park enjoying my day preparing to write my book. It was a beautiful day. I still have those notes, maybe one day I will use them in a book. Still happy as I was on that day. I have really been blessed.

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