LA ‘Brea Aquaria: My Life from the Back Burner 2022


Today has been so wonderfully exciting! I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. I am not taking from tomorrow, but I just want to be just as happy and filled with joy. I want the sun to shine, but not be so hot. Living my dream is wonderful. It seems like I am dreaming. I know it is reality. The thought of finally becoming what I have always wanted to be is mind boggling; it is as if everything happened over night. I went to sleep an ordinary person and woke up a published author. How great is that! This is the best feeling I have ever had happen to me since I got saved, married, and had my children. I am somebody special in my family now. God has really opened up my eyes to new things that I never thought I would never experience in my life. God is good all of the time, and all of the time God is good! L.A. c.2022

Me holding my books with tears of joy in my eyes, and a smile on my face.

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Today has been a good day! I am catching up on a few things that needed to be done. My second book is coming along fine, but I have had a hard time working on it though. I guess once I get everything squared away, I will feel more comfortable to write. Right now, it is as if a cloud is hanging over my head because things are not going the way I expected it to go with my first book. I know it takes time to become known, but I am doing everything I can to put it out there. Hopefully when I get to have my party for it, and my birthday, it will be a success then. I just pray God will soon bless it. I put my heart and soul in my book, and I cannot understand why it is not doing what it should be doing, and that is selling!  I am kind of sad that it isn't right now. I thought they would help me promote it and sell it, or at least buy it; how hard can that be? I at least thought my family would be the first ones to buy copies of it. I have posted it on all of the social media platforms that I use. Maybe I need to do a podcast recording and send it all around the world, or a You Tube Video to promote it. I thought I was going to get to travel and promote it like other authors do who write books, but I guess that was killed by the big hater acting like a baby. I really so feel like I have been prayed against by those who I thought were for me. Only God knows the truth behind this slowness of sales. I can only do what I can. After I have my website built for my book, it will become very known around the world. Well, until then, I am going to keep on posting and sharing it the best way I can. I will stay positive and think good thoughts. Deuces!
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Remaining Positive!
I will remain positive through all of these trials and tribulations. I know that there only to make me stronger than I have ever been. More of my blessings are on the way. I am blessed and highly favoured of the LORD my GOD! No weapons formed against me shall prosper! Amen!

This is some of my favorite music I have listened to many times when I was feeling down. It inspired me to keep on holding my head up no matter what I was facing. This is just one of my play lists. I will be sharing others here later.
This is another playlist of my favorite music. I have music for every occasion. If you want to know what it is, you must go to Spotify and check them all out. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Happy listening!
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The purpose of this picture is to let everyone know that I am the author of the books that are shared in the photos above.

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